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Friday, June 8, 2012

Orlando August 2010 Part 6

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Day 6 - August 20 - Animal Kingdom

Our plan for the day was to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom (DAK) in the morning and MK later in the afternoon/evening. DAK is a park where I think it is particularly important to get there early as it is best so see animals eraly in the day since that's when they are most active. We got up, had breakfast and caught a 9:00 bus which arrived right away. We arrived at the park a little after 9:00 and immediately went to Asia to get FPs for Expadition Everest (EE). After that we went on Kilimanjaro Safari and Pagnani Exploration Trail. We followed that up with a ride on EE using our FPs and picking up more FPs, Dinosaur and EE again (once again using FPs). We decided to duck out of the heat with lunch at Rainforest Cafe, followed by It's Tough to be a Bug and finally a ride on Kali River Rapids.

We then headed back to our room. After doing a bit of shopping at The Boardwalk we spent the rest of the evening relaxing as all of the girls expressed more interest in watching movies in the room than any more park-going. This brings to mind something - this trip was originally scheduled for 7 days but a scheduling conflict brought us down to 6 days. If we had been able to do 7 I would have scheduled a "down day". This day sort of ended up being half of a "down day". So, it was a bit of a short day, but still fun and relaxing.

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