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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

WDW Marathon trip planning part 3

This will (probably) be my last post before my trip - even though I do have one last outstanding decision. I am writing this while sitting on the porch of our condo in Costa Rica. It's New Years Eve and I think I've had quite enough sun so I thought I'd make this last post before the big Florida trip. I'll be posting a write-up on Costa Rica in the next few days.

First, the final bits are in place. I put in a lunch reservation at Be Our Guest Restaurant at 1:00 on Tuesday. I also signed up for a Illuminations dessert party and "Bling Fest" (showing off race medals) sponsored by the Mickey Miles Podcast on Sunday night after the marathon. This has necessitated my decision to upgrade to a park-hopper since Kirk and I will be in MK before the party. This is fine because its always more convenient to have a park-hopper. Finally, our wait list request for Old Key West came through. We were really hoping for this to happen because the rooms at OKW are signicantly larger and the studios have 2 beds instead of one bed and a fold-out sofa.

Lastly I did make changes to our FP+ reservations for Thursday after the 5k. I made a 9:25 reservation for "Mission Space" that we have no intention of using. I won't get to Epcot until about 11:00. We have "Soaring'" at 10:35 and "Nemo and Friends" at 11:35. This way we will have used all three FP+ reservations early enough to hopefully get one for "Test Track" later.  That one last outstanding decision is whether to go to a breakfast meet-up on Thursday morning at Epcot. As of this writing I have not decided, although I think I have to decide soon. I'll see...

That's it. We are all set for our trip. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my Disney runner friends!