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Friday, June 8, 2012

Kenebunkport Maine - 2002

We stayed in Kennebunkport for 5 days. We found it to be a charming town with lots of shopping and sight-seeing, as well as many restaurants. We stayed in a cabin just outside of the main part of town. One of the main reasons we stayed there was because they allowed pets, so we could bring our dog. The cabins were called "Shorelands". They were all right, but nothing great. The cabins were tiny and lacked air conditioning. The pool area and playground were very worn out looking. Thankfully the weatrher was nice while we were there. At $135 a night it seemed very expensive, but we learned that pretty much everything in Kennebunkport is expensive. Still, it has a good location, and if you're looking for a place that takes pets, it might be a good choice.
We had several meals in Kennebunkport. The one place that really stood out for us was a place called "The Landing". I have no doubt that better food can be found in the village, but our main criteria was outdoor seating with a water view. Of the restaurants in Kennebunk that we tried where you could eat on the water, "The Landing" was far and away the best. We ate there 3 times. I had a local dish called "Lobster Pie" - something Id never had before. It was awesome. If I lived there and had Lobster Pie regularly, I have no doubt I would weigh 500 pounds!

The Landing

Rinding in a horse-drawn cab

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