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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Final Day: John & Kirk in WDW for January 2013 Marathon Weekend

Final Day 4

For our final morning we did not need to rise quite so early because we had no plans to be at any park for park opening. I was planning to meet some folks from the WISH running team at the Boardwalk and Kirk was going to DHS where we would meet up later. WISH (We're Inspired to Stay Healthy) is a Facebook group and discussion forum on the DIS boards. My initial plan was to take a bus to Epcot or DHS and walk to the Boardwalk but Kirk was leaving about the same time so he gave me a ride.

It was, as it had been for the entire trip, a beautiful and warm day with clear blue skies. I got to the Boardwalk a bit early, got a cup of coffee and a danish at an outdoor stand (the bakery was being refurbished) and strolled the Boardwalk. I love the Boardwalk. There may be DVC properties that are more luxurious. There may be DVC properties with bigger or better rooms. There may be DVC properties with more amenities. But my home resort is the Boardwalk, and I feel more "at home" there than pretty anywhere else at WDW. The patio facing Crescent Lake is one of my favorite spots in all of WDW.

It was coming up to 9:00 which was the agreed upon meeting time. I walked up to a couple of people who looked like they were waiting for others, but they were not from the WISH team. I walked up to a couple of other guys and this time I was right. We introduced ourselves - they were Richard and Kipp. We chatted a bit and I met some other folks, notably Shelly, Lilly, Rod, Mike and Kim. We had a terrific time talking about the races, our experiences and our love for everything Disney. What a great group of folks.

It was about time for me to leave to meet Kirk, but before I left we took a group photo - thanks to Richard for sharing this with me:

A terrific group of folks at the WISH meet. That's me in the yellow shirt in the back fourth from the left.
After saying my good-byes I headed over to DHS. I walked over - one of my favorite walking paths in WDW. Kirk and I met up near Fairfax Farms at the end of Sunset Blvd. He told me that he had gotten a FP for Star Tours (ST - 11:10), so while he got a bite at Fairfax Farms I headed over to ST and got my own FP (11:30). I then went back to Fairfax farms and bought some fruit.

After we ate we got a FP for TZToT (12:10) and used our FPs to ride ST. We saw the Darth Vader intro, the first planet was Tatooine, followed by Yoda and Naboo. Kirk is not crazy about flight simulator rides and, as he put it, he would probably never ride ST unless I was there so he wanted to check it out. After ST we both had Mickey Bars, and then we used our FPs for a ride on TZToT. After that it was time for us to leave so I could catch my plane. I was disappointed at having to leave so early - I had made a 6:50 reservation but, for some reason, my flight was changed to 2:50. Perhaps the later flight was cancelled. Well, anyway, it was a fun trip and I felt great about having completed the marathon. I met a lot of terrific people who I hope to stay in touch with. And now I'm looking forward to my next half marathon.

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