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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Europe, Summer 2012 - intro

In July of 2012 we went to Europe for a total of 10 days. We visited 4 destinations in 3 countries. The details of each destination found below.

The players are me, John (mid-50's), my wife Andie (also mid-50's) and our daughters Natalie (19 - a rising College sophomore) and Charlotte (15 - a rising High School sophomore).

Our itinerary:
1 day in London
1 week in Santorini, Greece
1 day (2 nights) in Athens
An extended layover in Madrid, Spain

Much of this trip was paid for by us cashing in frequent travel points:

Flight from New York - London paid for with Frequent Flyer points
One night hotel in London paid for with hotel points
Flight from London - Athens/Santorini paid for with cash
Villa in Santorini paid for with cash
Light from Santorini - Athens paid for with cash
Two nights in Athens paid for with American Express points
Flight from Athens - New York (with a Madrid layover) paid for with Frequent Flyer points

Click on the links below for details on each destination including thoughts, reviews and pictures:

      Animals of Santorini
      Nat's food pics

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